by Balam

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Recorded by Trevor Vaughan in Massachusetts April/May 2014

Cover by Harry Gould Harvey IV

Released October 31st, 2015

Vocals: Xxander
Guitar: Jonny
Guitar: Zach
Bass: Nick
Drums: Ziggy

All songs copyright Balam 2014


released February 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Balam Newport, Rhode Island

A quintet of power born in Newport, RI. It's the directness of Balam‘s attack that makes their debut so impressive, as well as the thrust of their tonality and how smoothly they are able to find a niche within the dreary scope of their doom. Since their self titled release, they have devastated the East Coast with unrivaled live performances, the is no question; Balam are on their way up. ... more

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Track Name: Days Of Old
We won't ever die with our roots entwined
Tangled in this growth keeps our souls alive
They always took our Gods away for their power and their use
It's our time to dwell in what they called hell

They always took our Gods away
for their power and their use

Bars have rusted on this cage
Shackles loosened with no keys
Not restrained by ball and chain
Tongue returned I recall my name
Born once more on darkest night
Turned to places of my strife
Etching memories in the ground
With sacred soul I'm unbound
Life is faint if left alone one can't rise if under stone

Now we look into the sky reflecting on our lives reaching for its light

They always took our Gods away
for their power and their use
Track Name: With The Lost
Hitching rides with the lost
Trek takes you close but not enough
Trying to escape this hex
Which path do I take, devils test
The will to fight is almost gone
I look back at all that's known

Secrets learned from long ago
From forces nudging us below
Rituals performed in the dark
Forces unknown and untouched
This world reveals itself to me
It's figure hidden in the trees
Dancing, tormenting my mind
Does it sing of truth or lies?

Baby you'll put me inside my grave
All of your mistreating
Broke down my ways babe
Yea all your lovin', your lovin'
Will put me in the grave
Baby your lovin'
Is tormenting me
Put me in the grave